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Frequently Asked Questions


How long have you been in business?

Wicked Temptations has been in business since 1993 when we came out with our first printed catalog. In 1995 we became one of the first lingerie companies to launch a website and by 1999 we had stopped mailing catalogs to focus all our efforts on our internet activities. We have come a long way - from a small time operation working out of a 200 square foot bedroom to an international company with a 20,000 square foot warehouse!

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What is your address, hours and contact information?

We are located in the Los Angeles area. Our address is:
Wicked Temptations, Inc
1441 W. 132nd St.
Gardena, CA 90249

Our Customer Service Phone Numbers Are:
toll free number: 800-883-9693 or 310-412-1948
toll free fax number: 800-724-5200 or 310-412-1459

Our Customer Service Hours Are:
Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm Pacific Standard Time
We are closed holidays Email:
For Customer Service questions: Support@WickedTemptations.com
For Photo Submissions: Photos@WickedTemptations.com

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Do you design and manufacture the items on your site?

We design and manufacture about 1/3rd of the styles on our site right here in Los Angeles. Although most of our other lingerie suppliers do their sewing outside the US, we believe that we should do our part by employing local people. And while other companies send their web work out of the country, we take great pride in producing our website right here in our offices using in-house talent.

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How often do you add new items to your site?

Every Monday we do something special for our customers by either adding new styles or by running a sale. We keep our customers informed of changes and specials in several ways:

  • We put a large banner on the top-left of the home page directing you to the new items. The next week, that banner will be moved to the top-right of the home page and a new banner announcing a new release will appear on the top-left.
  • You will find "New Additions" on the left-side navigation of every page of our site. The most recent additions will appear at the top of the list.
  • Most importantly, we send an email to our Wicked Buyer's Club (WBC) members. These announcements will occasionally include specials for our WBC members that are not announced on the site. If you are not a WBC member, you can sign up now by going to the WBC sign-up page.
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How "Green" is Wicked Temptations?

We try to be very mindful of the environment in all our activities.

  • We don't print a catalog or produce other mailings
  • We run a virtually paperless operation. Of course, we do include a printed statement with each order.
  • We recycle all paper, cardboard, glass and plastic products
  • We minimize the usage of air conditioning and heating.
  • We maximize the usage of natural light in our operation
  • Many of our employees are on a 4-day workweek to reduce fuel usage and traffic
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I'm having problems viewing the site.

Most of the time, when a customer is having problems viewing our site, the problem can be solved by doing one of two things.

  • Sometimes the problem is with your firewall settings. If you have a firewall, lower the security settings and try to view our site again., or
  • The problem might be an old browser. Please make sure that you are using the current version of Firefox (Firefox 3) or a comparable browser. For some reason, many AOL users have trouble viewing sites like ours. We have not been able to determine the source of the problem. We can only ask that you view our site using the latest version of Internet Explorer outside of the AOL environment.
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How do I place an order on-line?

Shopping on-line is easy:

  • First, explore our site by clicking on text links or images.
  • When you find something that you would like to buy, select the color and size you want and
  • Click on "Add to Cart"
  • If you want to keep shopping, then click on "Keep Shopping"
  • When you are done shopping, click on "View Cart" (on the top right of every page)

Checking out:

  • View your cart and make sure you have selected the items you want.
  • When you are satisfied with your order, click on "Check Out"
  • Enter your correct shipping address information. Make sure you correctly enter your apartment, suite or floor number. If incorrect information is entered, we will pass on to you any additional charges levied by the shipping company.
  • If you are going to pay by money order, print this page and mail it to us with your payment (be sure your payment is in US funds). If you will be paying by credit card, then click "Continue"
  • Enter your correct billing address. This address must match the address your credit card company has on file. If the address you provide does not match the credit card company's records then your order will not be billed or shipped.
  • Enter your credit card type, account number and expiration date
  • Enter the 3 or 4 digit security code found on the back of your card (Amex has it on the front)
  • If your billing address is outside the US, enter the customer service phone number of your credit card company found on the back of your credit card. If you do not provide this number, your order will be delayed and possibly cancelled.
  • Enter your correct email address. We will mail a confirmation of your order to this address. We will also use this address to reach you if we have questions or problems filling your order. Providing an incorrect address will make it impossible for us to contact you if needed and could result in the cancellation of your order.
  • If you have a coupon or gift certificate, enter the code(s) in the appropriate field. Only one coupon may be used at a time.
  • Enter continue and confirm your order information. You can go to any previous page and re-enter your information if you like.
  • Immediately after sending your order go to your email program and enter the domain WickedTemptations.com to your safe list. This will guarantee that you will receive your order confirmation email and any other emails we might send regarding your order.
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Can I mail in my order?

Yes. Put the items you want to purchase in your shopping cart and go through the checkout process as if you were going to order online.

  • If you want to mail in a money order: Print the check-out page after entering your shipping address and mail that copy to us along with your money order (be sure your payment is in US funds). You can then click "Cancel" on the bottom of the shopping cart.
  • If you want to pay by credit card: Print the check-out page after entering your billing information and mail that copy to us. The mailing address is:
    • Wicked Temptations, Inc
      1441 W. 132nd St.
      Gardena, CA 90249
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Can I fax my order?

Yes. Put the items you want to purchase in your shopping cart and go through the checkout process as if you were going to order online. Print the check-out page after entering your billing information and fax that copy to us.

Our fax numbers are:
toll free fax number: 800-724-5200 or 310-412-1459

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Can I phone in my order?

Yes. But, the phone call will go much smoother if you put your order together online first. Once you have the items organized in your shopping cart, give us a call and place your order. Be sure you have your credit card in hand when calling. Unfortunately, coupons and gift certificates cannot be applied to phone orders. If we are having a site-wide sale, the sale prices will not be applied to phone orders.

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Can I place an order if I don't have a credit card?

Yes, you can pay by money order (must be in US funds). To submit your order with payment by money order please read How do I place an order on-line?

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Do you have a store? Can I pick up my order at your warehouse? Can I shop and try things on there?

We don't have a store but if you live near us (we are in Gardena) and want to save on shipping by picking up your order we would be happy to accommodate you. When placing your order, be sure to type a note in the "Comments" field in the shopping cart that you would like to come by to pick up your order. Also, include your phone number in the same field. When your order is ready, we will contact you to schedule a pick-up time.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to "shop" or try things on at our warehouse.

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Why are some items pictured in a color that isn't listed as an option?

If you see an item pictured in a color that is not offered, you are probably shopping in the "Sale" (or clearance) section. At one time, the item was probably available in the color shown but we are now clearing the style out of our inventory and that color is no longer available. After the rest of the inventory is sold, the photo will come down from our site.

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Do you have a printed catalog?

No, we stopped printing catalogs in 1997 resulting in numerous benefits to our customers:

  • We save printing costs and those costs are passed on to you.
  • A catalog can only contain about 200 styles. Our site offers about 4,000 styles.
  • A catalog is out of date the moment it comes off the press. We update and republish our site 3 to 4 times a day!
  • A catalog wastes paper and trees - precious natural resources. Our site represents the greenest way to shop. Please don't support any company that misuses these resources!
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I placed an order but did not get a confirmation. What do I do?

You either did not enter your email address correctly or you did not add WickedTemptations.com to your safe sender list in your email program. First, check your "Junk" email folder. If you find the confirmation there, then you should add WickedTemptations.com to your safe sender list. If you do not find the email in you Junk folder, then email Support@WickedTemptations.com and ask us to confirm that we received your order. Please be sure to provide your name and shipping address so we can track your order down.

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I haven't received my order. Who should I contact?

If we mailed you a shipping confirmation, please use the information included in that email to track your package. If you still have questions, contact our Customer Service department

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My order confirmation has a "Check the Status of my order" link but it doesn't work.

That link is placed in the email by the Yahoo shopping cart system. For some reason, it doesn't seem to work and we have no way to remove it from the confirmation email. So, just ignore it - don't use it. If we mailed you a shipping confirmation, please use the information included in that email to track your package. If you still have questions, contact our Customer Service department

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I made an error when I placed my order, how can I fix it?

Simply send an email to Support@WickedTemptations.com and tell us what you want fixed. Be sure to include your name!

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I am worried about identity theft. Are your servers secure? Will my information be safe?

Yes. We display three badges on our site as testaments of the safety of your information.

  • The Yahoo Commerce Badge: Which tells you that our shopping cart was created and is managed by the very talented people at Yahoo Shopping - the leading shopping portal in the world.
  • The Hacker Safe Badge: Which tells you that an independent security auditor has evaluated our site and the Yahoo system and declared both to be fully secure. Hacker Safe performs random testing on our site in insure safety. And,
  • The SecurityMetrics Badge: Which tells you that the servers and computers in the Wicked Temptations offices have been evaluated and declared secure and hacker proof by SecurityMetrics, the leading computer security auditing firm.

We not only insure that our computer systems and internet platform is secure, we also take special measures in our offices to insure the safety of your information. We run a nearly paperless operation. That is not only good for the environment but it prevents the possibility that sensitive data will end up in the wrong hands. The small volume of paper that is generated by our company is shredded by a professional shredding company and properly recycled.

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Do you rent your email or customer address lists?

No. We do not rent, sell or trade our email or customer address lists with anybody. We never have done so in the past and we will never do so in the future. Our email list is maintained by the industry's leading email service provider with an impeccable record for security and quality. Our customer address list is kept on our in-house server which has been certified as hacker proof by SecurityMetrics, the leading computer security auditing firm.

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When I get my package, what will the outside label look like? Who will it say the package is from?

The return address label on the outside of your package will show:
WT Inc
1441 W. 132nd St
Gardena, CA 90249

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept:

  • Visa
  • Master
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Money Orders (US funds only)
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When will my credit card by charged?

Your card is preauthorized as soon as you finalize your order. If part of your order is on back order, we will contact you to ask if you would like us to ship the rest of your order immediately. If you request those items to be shipped ahead of the back ordered items , we will finalize the charge only for the shipped items and the shipping cost. If you choose to wait for the order to be complete, the preauthorized amount will be removed from your account within 1-10 business days depending on your card company.

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What company name will appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will show: Wicked Temptations, Inc.

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Will I be charged sales tax?

Only California residents will be charged a 8.75% sales tax. This is the rate for Gardena, CA where the transaction is taking place - as state law requires.

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Do you sell wholesale? Can I sell your styles in my store or on my own website? Do you "drop ship"?

No, we do not sell wholesale. We do not ship our merchandise to others to sell in their stores or on their websites. We do not "drop ship".

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Can I sell Wicked Temptations clothing on Ebay or other similar sites?

No, we do not allow the sale of our items on Ebay or other similar sites. Further, our images are copywrited and may not be used without our permission. Doing so infringes on our copywrite, and those of our photographer and models. Any of those three parties may take legal action if we are so inclined.

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I want to place a large order. Can I get a volume discount?

No, we do not discount orders because of their size.

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Do I have to register every time I come to the site?

No, you only have to register once.  However, every time you return to the site you should Sign In.  Unless you are “Signed In” you will not receive the benefits of Registration such as earning Loyalty Reward Dollars.

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I forgot my Sign In username, what do I do?

Your Sign In username will always be your email address

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I forgot my Sign In password, what do I do?

: Enter your email address in the username field and click Submit. A page will display telling you that your Log In failed but you can click the "Forgotten" button at the bottom of the page and your password will be emailed to you.

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Will I earn Loyalty Reward Dollars if I place my order over the phone?

You must be order online and you must be Signed In.

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Can I save my Loyalty Reward Dollars from several purchases for a special future purchase?

Yes you can use or save your Loyalty Reward Dollars.

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Do the Loyalty Reward Dollars expire?

They do not expire.

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I had a Wish List before the release of the new site. Can I still use it?

Unfortunately, no. Our entire site structure has changed making the old Wish List unusable. And because of the changes in site design, it is not possible to convert the old Wish List into the new Wish List. Sorry for this inconvenience.

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How do I create a Wish List?

The first step is to Register if you haven't done so already. Then Sign In. Then go shopping and click on the "Add to WishList" button on the Quick Look or Item Detail presentations.

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How do I view a Wish List (mine or someone else's)?

You can view anyone's public Wish List by "mousing over" the Wish List button at the top of every page and entering their email address.

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How do I edit my Wish List?

You have to 1) Sign In and… 2) Search for your Wish List by entering your email address (these can be done in any order). You can now do any of the following: delete items, mark items private, mark items as purchased or you can change your password and other settings.

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Can others see my Wish List?

You can mark each of your Wish List items as "public" or "private". If none of your items are marked "public" then your list will not be viewable by others. If any or all of the items are marked "public" then those items on your list will be viewable by others.

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What is the difference between using the "Refines" on the left side of the page and the "Search" box at the top of every page?

We have determined which items will show up when you use the refines on the left. The Search box looks at item names and item descriptions to determine which items to display. So, if you click on the Wicked Originals collection called "Hearts" you will see 9 items displayed all made from the same heart-print fabric. But if you used the Search box to search for the term Hearts you will see over 120 items including the 9 already mentioned plus items with the word hearts in the titles and/or descriptions – including shorts that give your butt a "heart shape".

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