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Wicked Buyer's Club - How to Add an Address to Your Email "Safe Sender List"

What is a "Safe Sender List"?

To help you control the volume of emails you get, most email packages or services now include a feature called "Safe Sender List". This is a list of email senders who you trust. When you add an email address or a domain to the list, emails from that sender will go directly into your "In-Box" instead of your "Junk" folder. In our case, by adding WickedTemptations.com to your list, our emails will always go into your "In-Box" and the images will automatically appear when you view our newsletters. And, if you place an order, our email confirmations will also be treated the same way.

If you are able to add a domain to your list, you should add WickedTemptations.com
If you are only able to add email addresses, you should add the following: buyersclub@wbc.WickedTemptations.com, and, support@WickedTemptations.com

How to Add Wicked Temptations to Your "Safe Sender List"?

1. Click "Contacts" along the left side of any Gmail page.
2. Click "Add Contact".
3. In the primary email address box, type: buyersclub@wbc.WickedTemptations.com
4. Click "Save".

AOL (version 9.0 or higher)
1. Click the Mail menu and select "Address Book".
2. In the pop up box, click the "Add" button.
3. In the "Other E-Mail" field, type buyersclub@wbc.WickedTemptations.com
4. Make our From address the "Primary E-Mail" address by checking the associated check box.
5. Click the "Save" button.

AOL 8.0
1. Open one of our emails.
2. Click "Add Address".
3. Verify the sender's contact information (buyersclub@wbc.WickedTemptations.com)
4. Click "Save".

1. Click the "addresses" button
2. Select "Add Contact"
3. Save buyersclub@wbc.WickedTemptations.com to your contacts list.

1. Click "Options".
2. On the left side of the page, click "Mail", and then click "Junk E-Mail Protection".
3. Click "Safe List".
4. Type buyersclub@wbc.WickedTemptations.com, and then click "Add".

1. Right-click on a message from buyersclub@wbc.WickedTemptations.com.
2. Point to Junk E-mail, and click "Add Sender's Domain to Safe Senders List".

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